College Application Essay Guidance

Find Your Spark!

sparkHigh school juniors: Are you already dreading the thought of having to write college application essays? Do you worry that you won’t have anything to write about? That you don’t have a story?

Stop worrying. You DO have a story worth telling. We all do. The key is discovering your spark—the part of you that makes you YOU!

Here’s something you can start doing NOW! Buy a small notebook or create a note on your computer or phone.

Begin thinking about your most positive qualities. Are you creative? Do you love to dig deep into a subject? Are you a good listener? Funny? A loyal friend?

If you have trouble coming up with ideas, ask your parents. Ask a friend or two. See what they say and what rings true to you.

Then in your notebook or on your phone, begin to list some stories—some specific moments in time—that SHOW those positive qualities in action.

Congratulations! You are on your way to finding your spark and finding your story!

Next week:  More tips on Finding Your Spark.