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Top 5 Things You Need To Know About College Application Essays (Operation Varsity Blues)

You Should Know These 5 Things About College Application Essays In Light Of Operation Varsity Blues…

While college application essays weren’t the subject of the cheating In the recent “Operation Varsity Blues” scandal, the scandal does have implications for students as they begin to write their personal statements.

Here are the top 5 things to know about writing your college admissions essay:

Integrity Matters

College admissions officers have always been able to sniff out essays written by someone other than a high school student. Now, more than ever, admissions officers will be looking to flag language that no 17 or 18 year old has ever used.

Your Story Finder Tip: Parents: resist the temptation to “polish” or perfect your child’s essay. Just don’t do it.

Slick Packaging Is Out

Essays written by students that make contorted connections in order to present themselves won’t be positively received.

Your Story Finder Tip: Look for themes that emerge naturally as you think about your life and what you care about.

Authenticity Is Essential

If the admissions scandal has taught us one thing, it is that you can’t fake authenticity.

Your Story Finder Tip: Your passion will come through if you write about what truly matters to you.

Your Story Has Value

There’s no need to manufacture your story — every single person on earth already has a story worth sharing. In fact, every person has multiple stories worth sharing. Students get tripped up when they try to tell ALL their stories in their personal statement.

Why would anyone want to attend a college that wouldn’t embrace who they are? Students:

Your Story Finder Tip: Show the real you in your college application essay. The real you is enough, more than enough. Hone in on ONE specific story that showcases your unique strengths and write that story.

It’s OK To Ask For Help

Hiring a college essay coach isn’t a crime. It’s actually a really smart move. With the competition to get into college being higher than ever, it’s ok to have someone guide the personal statement excavation process.

Your Story Finder Tip: Check out our testimonials to learn how we have helped other students.

Want to learn more about how your teenager can write a compelling personal statement that showcases their best and most authentic self? Schedule a free consultation today to hear about Your Story Finder’s unique “seek, shape, and share” essay coaching process.

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