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“I don’t want our home to be a battleground the last year my kids are at home.”

You won’t believe how many times I hear this! It’s also something I can relate to, being the mom of two boys, Will (Princeton ‘13) and Patrick (Princeton ‘16).

I remember eleven years ago when I was a newbie to the college application process. I wanted to help my son but didn’t really know how.

Ever since then, I’ve made it my mission to empower teens to communicate their best self while at the same time reducing the stress and anxiety of the process for teens and parents alike.

I’m happy when I hear about clients commenting to their friends that Your Story Finder is a good fit for their family—that they feel comfortable with our process, and more importantly, their kids feel comfortable too.

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Your Story Finder employs our unique “seek, shape, and share” coaching process to help students dig deep to craft compelling statements of purpose and personal statements for graduate school applications.

We have particular expertise with students applying to law school, medical school, and other health professional programs, including occupational therapy, speech and language pathology, and physical therapy.

Our Graduate Signature Package includes 3.5 hours of one-to-one conferencing and unlimited reviews of the statement of purpose or personal statement.

Hourly packages (4-hour minimum) are also available.

Your Story Finder: Your Place To Communicate Your Passion.

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Wondering What Grad School Admissions Officers Are Looking For?

  • Will this applicant be a likable and interesting addition to our community?
  • Are you thoughtful and reflective?
  • Will our professors and your classmates enjoy working with you and learning from your perspective?
  • Can you communicate your thoughts effectively?
  • Are you able to present information in a clear, organized, and concise manner?

Adapted from The University of Chicago Law School admissions website.

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College Packages

  • Zoom Meetings
  • Essay Reviews
  • Planning Software
  • Parental Check-Ins
  • Feedback Strategy Sessions
  • Other Services Discount
  • Early Bird Discount


  • (1) 90 Min & (2) 60 Min
  • *Unlimited
  • Yes
  • Weekly
  • Yes
  • 10% Off Select Packages


  • (2) 30 Min
  • 3
  • Yes
  • No
  • No
  • No

A La Carte

  • Hourly
  • Hourly
  • No
  • Hourly
  • No
  • No

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