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You are a woman at mid-life with a story that needs to be shared with the world, but you don’t know where to begin. Why would you? You’ve never written a book before.

You don’t see yourself as a “writer,” or you wonder if anyone REALLY needs to hear what you have to say, or you have started and stopped writing so many times that you no longer believe you will ever hold YOUR book in your hands.

You’ve spent more money and time than you even want to think about on writing conferences, workshops, classes, and critique groups, but you still haven’t gained traction on your book.

If any of these descriptions sound like you, you’ve come to the right place! For over 35 years, Suzette Mullen, founder of YOUR STORY FINDER, has been empowering and equipping women to get their story out of their head and onto the page. 

Ready to stop spinning your wheels and finally write the story that the world needs? Come on in, girlfriend—let’s do this thing!

does this sound like you?

I want to write a book but I’m too busy now. I’ll do it later.

If I could just sneak off to a cabin in the woods for a month, I could get my book written.

My book is about …uh … a lot of things ..

Here’s the hard truth: If you could have written your book on your own, you would have. I know this path: I walked the solo route myself for years.

It was only when I sought out support, community, and accountability that I actually got it done!

You can get it done too!

Ready to stop spinning your wheels and finally write the story the world needs to hear?

are you ready?

If you are ready to commit to writing the story the world needs to hear, you are the perfect candidate to join our Dream-to-Draft program… A 12-month intensive coaching experience for aspiring female authors who are ready to get their non-fiction book out of their head and onto the page.

Want to learn more? Join our waiting list and join Women, Write Your Story! where you’ll find support, tips, accountability, and special offers right now!

Are you ready? If not now, when? 

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